I loved loved loved my time working with and learning from Konstantinos. If you want to get better on camera, keep an eye out for his next workshop. He leaves you with an understanding and an appreciation for the camera. He also loves actors, he has a keen balance of the technical sides/time constraints of being on set and respecting the actors process. You will leave the workshop with tools to be the most effective you can on set and some materials for your reel, a huge boon for beginners. Actors at any level of expertise will be able to get something from the workshop.
Actor: New Amsterdam, Quantico, The Jamie Fox Show
Konstantinos’ approach on directing actors is sensitive and with an understanding of our method. He is equally honest and hard working. I appreciate his attention to detail and his no bullshit attitude.
I’ve been an actor for over 30 years and as I am in the process of making a comeback of sorts, I attended this young director’s workshop. I was impressed with how organized he was and the deep insights he has for actors from a director’s point of view. I would highly recommend attending this workshop for every actor looking to sharpen their skills and/or who also wants to get themselves on film by a professional director and acting on camera instructor.
Actor: Hunter, Lionheart
I have worked with Konstantinos several times and have found him to be an exciting and dynamic filmmaker and instructor. His vision and instincts are spot-on and he has a very pleasing, calm way of working with the actors and crew to help everyone achieve their highest potential. His work ethic and attention to detail is stellar. Actors are able to reach their full potential under his guidance.
I always urge actors to enhance their creative talents while learning from the best. Konstantinos Mousoulis is one of the most talented, professional and creative film directors I’ve had the pleasure of working with.
Actor: Happy Days, Murder she Wrote - Acting Coach

This on camera workshop is packed with so much information.  The way Konstantinos gets the actor to think and comprehend whats really going on in the scene is masterful. Great hands-on experience to include learning how to record scenes from behind the camera.  Great Class!

Actor: Law & Order, Special Victims Unit, Homeland, NCIS: New Orleans
This is an amazing learning experience that yields actual tangible results. I’ve worked with Konstantinos Mousoulis as an actor and as a student and he is wonderful, knowledgeable and nurturing.
Actor, Headshot coach
Thank you so much that was really awesome ? I learned a lot and i hope? we can soon do another scene!
Actress, Student New York class May 2019
I’ve worked with Konstantinos Mousoulis a couple of times and he consistently provides a professional and fun environment, a trained production team and a final product I’m always proud of!
Actress, Founding Member of the Coeurage Theatre Company
LOVED taking this class with Konstantinos. I used the techniques I leaned in class to book a TV role that same week on a show I love. Bonus I got a great scene for my reel playing a character I would love to be cast as! Can’t wait to work with you again. Thank you so much!
Actress: The Good Wife, High Maintenance

Taking the workshop with Konstantinos was a great experience . He made me reconnect with acting in a very easy way. The classes were very dynamic, in three days he covered mostly all the aspects of how to act in front of a camera , creating a character, and also good tips for editing your own reel. We also were able to give feedback to the other people’s scenes and Konstantinos is always open to listen to everything we have to say and that makes you feel like he’s a friend and not a teacher per se.

Actress: Yo soy Bea, El Criminal
I had the Chance to work with Konstantinos a few years ago on a short action film. As an actor I always find it refreshing when a Director has a clear vision of the story he’s trying to tell. This was exactly how I saw Konstantinos in the process of the film. He painted a very clear image of what he wanted while allowing the actors creative liberty to own the character they were portraying. He was fantastic to work with and would for sure work with him again. As an actor/Entertainer we want someone as passionate as we are about creating something that draws you in and he definitely has an eye for that.
Actor, Former WWE Wrestler
We actors are like athletes and we need constant practice. When we meet extremely talented professionals like Konstantinos Mousoulis, we get a chance to learn and practice on our craft.
Actor, Fight Choreographer