kids & teen workshop

DAY 1 – Saturday 05-04

– Fun introduction through warm up  games.

-Introduction to the basic principles of acting on camera:

1. The Basic Cinematic Shots 2. Finding your Mark 3. Focusing and the use of a Slate 4. Continuity 5. Energy Distribution on a set.

– students get paired up and perform in class the scene they’ve prepared

DAY 2 – Sunday 05-05

– Set recreation. We create the circumstances of a set in class. Two students are assigned as actors. We breakdown the scene, rehearse and shoot under real time circumstances.

 The rest of the students take a position of a key role behind the camera. We get to practice all the principles we went through on Day 1.

During the week, the instructor and his team divide the class into  two groups. The short film screenplays are written for each group and are sent ahead of time for the kids to learn their lines.

DAY 3-  Saturday 05-11

Group 1 rehearses their script. Group 2 participates with notes and/or questions.

DAY 4 – Sunday 05-12

Group 2 rehearses their script.Group 1 participates with notes and/or questions.

During the week the instructor and the team work on pre production preparing for the weekend shoot.

DAY 5 – Saturday 05-18

Group 1 shoots on location for 4 to 6 hours.

Group 2 shoots on location for 4 to 6 hours.

DAY 6 – Sunday 05-19

Group 1 shoots on location for 4 to 6 hours.

Group 2 shoots on location for 4 to 6 hours.

Short films will be edited in 60 days from the workshop’s completion. Students will be receiving a digital copy of the film so they may use their scenes for their demo reel.

Social Media distribution will take place soon after the film’s final cut (Unless students/parents decide to do a year’s run to film festivals which is optional)

kids & teen workshop


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