ATHENS – Act on camera workshop

The ultimate acting on camera workshop is out! The amazing team of Thespians on Camera, is now organize a full workshop, which contains theoritical and practical topics.

DAY 1 – Saturday 23-11  (15.00-19.00)

Introduction to 3 fundamental principles of acting on camera.

Breakdown a scene -comedy-

Principle #1 Having a complete understanding of the script

Set Recreation

Shooting a scene in class under real-time circumstances

Students act and also work behind the camera understanding key positions of a crew

Learning the importance of distribution of energy on a set

The scene is then edited in class.

DAY 2 – Sunday 24-11 (15.00-19.00)

Breakdown a scene -drama-

Principle #2 Listen & React

Set Recreation

Students act and also work behind the camera understanding key positions of a crew

Learning the role of marks, slate and different frame sizes

DAY 3 – Saturday 30-11 (15.00-19.00)

Breakdown a scene -thriller-

Principle #3 Emotional Connection with the material 

Breaking down/Building a character

DAY 4 Sunday 01-12 (15.00-19.00)

Basic Screenwriting principles an actor should know

Students come to class having prepared their character on the inside as well as on the outside (by bringing the necessary wardrobe and/or props for their character)

Each pair has 15 minutes to rehearse the scene of their choice once and then shoot it while the rest of the students take roles behind the camera.

Two cameras are used in class shooting simultaneously. 


During the 5-day break new scenes are being written/adjusted for each pair according to their strengths as well as casting type. These scenes will be filmed on location. Students must learn their lines so the instructor can work with them in depth during their assigned shooting day. Rehearsing the scenes prior to production is optional but highly recommended. 

SHOOTING ON LOCATION   Saturday 07/12 & Sunday 08/12 (weekend shoot)

Three scenes are shot per day (10 hour day)

The assigned pair has 3 hours to perform their scene while other students work behind the camera. Instructor directs and an industry professional cinematographer shoots the scenes guaranteeing top quality. A professional make up artist will also be on set.

Students will receive a link of the final cut of their scene within 40 days from the completion of the workshop as well as a digital copy.

act on camera workshop act on camera workshop act on camera workshop  act on camera workshop

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